Mental Illness, Stigma & Self-Help: The Founding of Recovery, Inc.


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In 1937, the year of Recovery’s founding, the establishment of a self-help association of nervous and former mental patients was unthinkable to many in the psychiatric profession. Dr. Low braved criticism and rejection as he formulated the principles and techniques of self-help aftercare.

In 1943, Abraham A. Low, M.D., published this volume in the form of a paperback photo-lift edition of limited quantity, entitled The Historical Development of Recovery’s Self-Help Project. In addition to being an important early history of Recovery, Inc., it offers new insight into the pioneering thinking and intentions of Dr. Low.

Then as now, the stigma of mental illness was pervasive throughout the general public, the media, the legislatures, and the patients and their families.

Recovery, Inc., the Association of Former Mental Patients and Their Relatives, was founded November 7, 1937, by thirty ex-patients who had regained their mental health after receiving shock treatment. The aim of the Association is to emancipate the ex-patients and their relatives from the effects of the stigma attached to mental disease.

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