Selections from Dr. Low’s Works


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This is a good introduction to the works of Dr. Abraham A. Low, founder of Recovery International.The articles and comments in this book were written by Dr. Low for the Recovery News which was published every two months by Recovery, Inc. during the years 1950-1953. Recovery, Inc., now known as Recovery International, came into existence as a result of many years of research and study. From 1931 to 1940 Dr. Low was the Associate Director and in 1940-1941 the Acting Director of the Psychiatric Institute of the University of Illinois. During these same years he was assistant alienist for the State of Illinois and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois Medical School. In these various capacities, he saw and treated thousands of nervous and mental patients. As a result of his experience, he founded Recovery in 1937 for the purpose of preventing relapses in former mental patients and chronicity in nervous patients. Dr. Low’s writings and tools are now recognized as groundbreaking cognitive-behavioral work. Since Dr. Low’s death in 1954 Recovery International has been operated, managed and supported by former patients trained in the Recovery Method. Recovery operates more than 500 peer-led support group meetings each week throughout the country and abroad, and has helped hundreds of thousands of people lead more peaceful and productive lives. The mission of Recovery International is to provide tools to help people achieve better mental health.

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