The 4-Step Method

The 4-Step example is used to help analyze a stressful situation.

The 4-step example is the core of this program and of every RI support meeting. In a group setting, or when participating in online or telephone meetings, we learn by listening to others and then practice by volunteering to read, spot or give examples.

Giving examples using this Method helps us to:

  • report rather than complain
  • note our symptoms
  • check our responses
  • control our behavior
  • use the tools to change our thoughts
  • see our progress
  • praise ourselves for our efforts
  • learn simplicity instead of complexity.

Recovery International 4 step Method

Identifying disturbing feelings, sensations, thoughts or impulses is called “spotting.” This program teaches you how to recognize when you are worked up and apply RI tools or “spots” to control thoughts and impulses. Learning to "spot" your temper and symptoms is an important step in replacing negative (insecure) thoughts with positive (secure) thoughts.

There are hundreds of tools or "spots" to help you manage the events that get you worked up. You will be introduced to new spots each day by signing up here.

Part 1: Event

Report a single situation or event that occurred-an everyday event when you began to work yourself up. Focus on a brief description of what happened: specifically, what triggered temper and symptoms?

Part 2: Symptoms

Report the symptoms you experienced-both physical and mental. (For instance, angry and fearful thoughts, confusion, palpitations, disturbing impulses, tightness in your chest, lowered feelings, sweaty palms, and so on.)

Part 3: Spotting

Report your spotting of fearful and angry temper, the Recovery International tools you used to help yourself, and your self-endorsement for your effort.

Part 4: Outcome

Begin with "Before I had my Recovery training," and describe the temperamental reaction and symptoms you would have experienced in former days. What would have happened then versus what happened now? (This will help you to note the progress you have made.)

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