Refer your clients to the best kept secret in symptom reduction.

Recovery Meetings Offer Your Patients:

  • Reassurance, fellowship and hope through meeting people with similar problems who have found how to live happier, healthier lives.
  • A safe place to express feelings without being judged.
  • Support and acceptance that may be lacking at home, work or school.
  • Learning and practicing coping skills that encourage and improve personal growth.
  • Encouragement to keep trying.
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Founded in 1937, Recovery International was originally formed to help patients transition from hospitalization to life in the community. Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low, a pioneer in cognitive behavioral therapy, developed the 4-Step Method and trained others to use it as a way to augment professional therapy.  The peer-peer model helps patients see that others in their situation have succeeded.

Recovery International’s self-help program is an excellent adjunct to professional care. The structured 4-Step Method uses cognitive behavioral tools to help patients deal with avoidance behaviors and manage the little things in daily life, which allows time for you to process and explore primary triggers and deeper issues during your sessions.  Participants are expected to follow the advice of their health professionals regarding diagnoses, treatment and medication.

If you would like more information, contact us to set up an “Intro to RI” webinar for mental health professionals.

Numerous studies and published articles have demonstrated the effectiveness of the program. Recovery International has been recognized by The American Psychiatric Association, honored with a Significant Achievement Award in 2000.

List of Professional Articles and Studies (click on the links below to view documents)

Professionals' Testimonials

“During my years of training and in psychiatric practice, I have learned many different clinical approaches to psychiatric treatment; some worked better than others. When I was writing my book back in 2016, a friend of mine invited me to attend a Recovery International meeting. I had never heard of Dr. Low or RI prior to that. After attending a few meetings, reading some of the literature, and practicing spotting, I was amazed at the power and value of this method. My impression is that it is a deeply healing approach to much unnecessary, but highly prevalent human suffering. One by one, the emotional “strings“ that bind us to unnecessary pain, are cut. In their place, peace and contentment flow. I am very appreciative of having learned this approach and have been recommending it to many patients, friends, and family members.”

Shelley Uram, MD

“Time and again the RI Method offers a way to access more realistic thinking and lower anxiety enough to make choices that work better in daily life situations. As an RI member and leader for over 15 years I am eternally grateful for the difference it has made in my life as well as the lives of other RI participants and clients in my clinical social work practice.”

Sandra Painter, MSW, LCSW

"So many patients might benefit from Recovery: Those with anxiety disorders, depression, psycho-physiological disorders, and stress. Those suffering from manic depression and schizophrenia can benefit after appropriate medical treatment."

Mark Hansen, MD

"As an internist, I see how my patients who have had Recovery International training are able to adjust to their medical problems and have much less fear dealing with their condition. They learn to distinguish between functional and organic ailments. I find patients who attend Recovery meetings derive benefits which have proven to make a significant difference between those who attend and those who do not."

Jorge Lindenbaum, MD UPMC

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