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Recovery International will be the world’s premier provider of self-help training for mental health and wellness available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Recovery International is to use the cognitive-behavioral, peer-to-peer, self-help training system developed by Abraham Low, MD, to help individuals gain skills to lead more peaceful and productive lives.

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Recovery was founded in 1937 by neuropsychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low and his patients who sought to re-enter society after hospitalization, to talk about their conditions, and to eliminate the stigma of mental illness.

The Recovery method wasn’t invented overnight—it was the result of more than 25 years of cognitive behavioral work. As the organization grew, Dr. Low realized that he needed to train others in his methods. Because he knew how overworked and understaffed many psychiatric hospitals were, he also realized the need to develop a consistent approach that could be replicated by nonprofessionals. Thus evolved the peer-led self-help model we know today.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee
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Celinda Jungheim
Los Angeles, CA


Hal Casey
Maplewood, NJ


Michelle Barker
Lockport, NY
Board of Directors

Judith Bakke

San Diego, CA

Phyllis Berning

Glencoe, IL

Dianne Clar

Honeoye Falls, NY

Nicole Cilento

Rochester, NY
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Fran Goldstein

New Orleans, LA
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Ron Mouw

Chicago, IL

Marilyn Schmitt

Chicago, IL
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Randy B. Silverstein M.D.

San Diego, CA
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Eva Suchow

Irvington, NY

RI Staff

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Chief Executive Officer

Karen Hall
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Dir. of Special Projects

Angela Sullivan
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Leadership & Training Manager

Hina Sowinski
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Project Manager
San Diego

Lisa Garcia
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Coordinator, San Diego

Eric Gonzalez
Jessica Shurba

Administrative Manager

Jessica Shurba

Online Meetings

Steven Ferradino, LPC.

Telephone Groups

Camille Rizzo

Administrator Assistant
Telephone Groups

Gilda Marconi

Diversity, Inclusion and Non-Discrimination Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors 9/19/2023

At Recovery International, we believe that everyone should have access to quality mental health care, tools and support. We strive to be a diverse, inclusive and equitable organization. We want all our members, volunteers, meeting participants and employees to feel valued and respected. It is our vision to have self-help training for mental health and wellness available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We welcome all adults to our meetings, regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, race, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, pregnancy, religion, education, culture, socio-economic status or other dimension of diversity, and do not discriminate, including in provision of services, selection and advancement of leadership, and employment. We expect all leaders, meeting participants, volunteers and employees to be respectful and tolerant of others in their interactions. Together, we can work for the elimination of discrimination and stigma related to mental health, and for the well-being of all to live more peaceful lives.



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