Teens and Young Adults

An introduction program geared just for you.

Being a teenager or young adult navigating your way through life can be tough, creating stress and anxiety. The RI Method teaches life coping skills to:

• control anger
• alleviate anxiety
• foster peaceful relationships at home, school, or work
• establish realistic expectations and beliefs.

RI Teens

Power Your Mind: Tools to Build Resilience

A guide to help you get through your day without losing your cool.

Power Your Mind: Tools to Build Resilience is an introductory workbook to the RI Method that can be used independently or in a group workshop. Developed in a graphic novel style, the characters and stories introduce you to the basic RI concepts and the 4-Step Method.

You will learn over 100 tools to help calm you when you are worked up over an average, everyday situation. This workbook will also get you ready to join an RI peer-led meeting, if you choose.

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