Welcome Newcomers

Learn about the Recovery 4-Step Method and participate in a newcomer meeting.

Welcome to Recovery International!

Recovery International meetings provide a safe space to receive guidance, fellowship, acceptance, and support from peers with similar problems. All meetings follow the Recovery 4-Step Method that addresses the underlying cause of most symptoms. Through the structured meeting and encouragement from their peers, participants learn to “spot" their angry and fearful temper and use their will-power to manage symptoms and lead productive, healthier lives.

Newcomer Welcome Packet

Meeting Structure


All Recovery International peer-led Support Meetings follow these five parts.


  • Reading – The group reads from one of Dr. Abraham Low’s books or listens to one of the recorded lectures.
  • Examples – Participants take turns describing an event from everyday life that caused distress. They explain how they used Recovery International tools to address their discomfort and control their responses.
  • Spotting – After each example, other members offer comments, referred to as “spotting,” that highlight the example-giver’s use of Recovery International tools.
  • Mutual Aid – At the end of the meeting is a time for informal discussion. It is a good time to ask about specific Recovery International “spots” that were discussed.
  • Voluntary Contributions – Participants are asked at each meeting to help support the organization, with the suggested donation being $5 per meeting. However, no one is turned away due to inability to pay-- this should not deter anyone from attending.

Meeting Materials

To learn about the Recovery 4-Step Method and to participate in any Recovery International group (Community, Telephone or Online), you will need these meeting materials.

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