Post-Partum Depression

I was first treated by a psychiatrist when I was 19. Shy and nervous, preoccupied and fearful, I was called a spoiled brat and told to grow up. By the […]


Having been employed as an ironworker for 25 years, I began to develop both physical and mental stress. My parents’ health declined and eventually they died. Enormous stress forced me […]


My life became difficult at age eight. I was filled with fear and feelings of inadequacy. School and being around people got tough; however, I finished high school, got a […]

Panic Attacks 4

After seven years of suffering, I found Recovery through a friend. I had consulted three psychiatrists and ten psychologists and had two hospitalizations. I had also taken practically every medication […]

Panic Attacks 3

I’ve suffered from panic attacks, and all the terrifying sensations that come from them. Dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, sweats, feelings of unreality and fear were part of my everyday existence. […]

Panic Attacks 2

My illness started right out of the blue. I suddenly felt light-headed and experienced palpitations, head pressure, fatigue and depression, all of which frightened me. One day when I went […]

Panic Attacks 1

I sat in the back pew near the door during church services for two years so that I would be prepared to bolt whenever my panic became unbearable. Though I […]

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