Learn how the Recovery 4-Step Method can help you during this time of life while you care for a loved one.

Care-giving for someone with physical, cognitive, emotional needs, or eldercare can be stressful. Recovery International focuses on the common/average (trivial), often repetitive situations that caregivers encounter. The diagnosis your loved one has is by no means trivial, but sometimes there are trivialities in the process of caring for someone that can work you up.

Recovery International has been helping people manage their symptoms for more than 85 years. The Recovery self-help method teaches you to identify and manage negative thoughts, impulses and behaviors that can lead to emotional distress and related symptoms. RI meetings provide a safe space to receive fellowship, acceptance, and support from peers who know what you're going through. All meetings follow the Recovery 4-Step Method. Through the structured meeting and encouragement from your peers, you’ll learn to use will-power to manage symptoms, which can lead to healthier relationships.

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Already familiar with the RI Method? Then join the Caregivers meeting.

New to RI? Please join a Newcomers Meeting first to learn the basics.

If the Caregiver meeting time does not fit your schedule, you are welcome to attend any RI meeting with your examples.

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