Anxiety & Depression

I was referred to Recovery International after a seven-week hospitalization for depression and anxiety. Because I now practice Recovery International’s self-help Method, the past nine years of my life have been average and comfortable. While I formerly viewed everything as either “Mary Poppins optimistic” or “World War III disastrous”, I’ve learned that most of my upsets were trivial. Now I look for the good in myself and in others, and I enjoy life.
I’ve also learned to lower my standards. I have an average marriage. My expectations for my children changed from perfect behavior and high achievement to the realization that they are normal children of whom I could be proud. I shared the Recovery International Method with my husband and children (who are now adults). Along with me, they learned to look for effective mental-health options instead of working themselves up.
When I practice the Recovery Method, I receive wonderful rewards in the form of good feelings between my husband and me, and I get good vibes from my children because I’m not trying to manage or control them in every situation. Recovery International is great!

Joan Hallen