Bipolar Disorder

I was diagnosed with manic depression (now called bipolar disorder) 26 years ago. Hospitalizations, medication, shock treatments and psychiatric consultations are part of my history. After several years of such treatment, Recovery International’s self-help Method became a major component of my support.

Procrastination is one of my problems, so I didn’t attend Recovery International meetings when I first heard about them. Then a friend asked me to take her to a meeting her doctor recommended. She never returned, but I kept coming back.

I became a wife and mother and worked in the mental health field. Volunteer community work for the mentally ill is also important to me. Public speaking on mental health issues is part of my professional and volunteer duties too. When asked how I’ve alleviated the stigma of my illness, I mention how Recovery has helped me.
Through Recovery International, I have learned to function despite my discomfort, to realize that my symptoms are distressing but not dangerous. I understand that setbacks can occur but will not permanently handicap me.

Joan Nobiling