Panic Attacks 2

My illness started right out of the blue. I suddenly felt light-headed and experienced palpitations, head pressure, fatigue and depression, all of which frightened me. One day when I went shopping, panic overcame me at the checkout counter. Leaving my items in the basket, I ran from the store. Eventually, I feared both going out in public and staying home. My doctor said it was nerves, but I didn’t believe my terror was simply a nervous condition.

On most days, I just lay on the sofa, hoping to die. I always had excuses for not attending social functions. However, if I did attend, I searched the room to see who might be a good wife for my husband and a good mother for my children.

Sometime later, my doctor told me about Recovery International; however, because panic might set in, I feared attending self-help groups. Also, I was afraid of the people who would be there because I had a phobia of germs. After three months, I mustered the courage to attend my first Recovery International meeting and it provided instant relief.
Other people had symptoms like mine, so I no longer felt alone. Following six weeks of Recovery International training, I was able to drive, shop at the supermarket, function as a wife and mother, do other things average people do—not merely exist. For that I am deeply grateful. Recovery International has helped me to live again.