Panic Attacks 4

After seven years of suffering, I found Recovery through a friend. I had consulted three psychiatrists and ten psychologists and had two hospitalizations. I had also taken practically every medication available but still suffered panic attacks. I was out of control, thought I was going crazy and was not getting well.

When I found Recovery International, I learned that I kept these symptoms by fighting them and working them up. In Recovery International, I also discovered that panic attacks are not dangerous. It’s alright to have them, but I could change my thoughts and command my muscles to counteract them at any time. I also realized I had been sick a long time and that my bad habits wouldn’t disappear overnight. It would take much effort, and I would still have to experience symptoms while working to regain my mental health.

It’s been four years since I found Recovery International. I have since been working, gotten married and have traveled. I still have occasional symptoms, but I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Recovery International taught me to be easy on myself, to have patience and to know that I will fully recover.

Tom Florio