Postpartum Depression & Bipolar Disorder

I was born a “nervous person”. Recovery International taught that fate gives some people an unbalanced nervous system. It’s not their fault. Therefore, I no longer indict myself for my nervous system or my illness. I now feel secure that I can handle life’s problems using Recovery International’s tools.

Despite fears and temper tantrums as a child, I graduated from high school, found a job, got married and started a family. Motherhood aroused fears that I might harm or neglect my baby; these fears persisted through four more children. I was on medication for years.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after my children were grown, and I divorced my husband. Over the next few years, I was hospitalized, took various medications and received shock treatments. During one of my “well” periods, I saw a Recovery International demonstration. So, during my last hospital stay, I decided to attend Recovery meetings after my release. That was three years ago, and I’m still well.

My children have also benefited from Recovery International. Each day is good for me and I’m proud of myself. I thank Recovery International and the members of my group who were friendly and offered hope in my first days of Recovery International training.

Tommie Greer