When I was 40, I was committed to the Oregon State Hospital because I was schizophrenic. Upon release from the hospital, I feared my life was over and that all I could look forward to would be frequent hospitalizations. While seeking help for a friend, I found Recovery International and eventually became a group leader.

My practice of Recovery International’s techniques showed me I could function among people even though my mind felt blank and I was shaking. Feelings of inferiority left me and my belief about myself became secure. The fear of relapse into hospitalization disappeared too.

Although I was a pilot in World War II, I was later denied a pilot’s license because of my nervous disorder. I refused to believe that once mentally ill, always mentally ill, so I pursued my goal through neurological, psychological and psychiatric testing. I received an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration and have since flown in the United States and Canada.
Thanks to Recovery International, my wife and I have become very active in our church and I feel proud of my work in our community.

Bill Heimann